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With global climate change drying up our precious marshmallow lakes and cotton candy savannahs, now is the time to take action and save the habitat of our world's most precious resource, the unicorns.

Too many of our children grow up today not knowing what it's like to pet a unicorn's silky mane or cast a wish on its proud horn. With fewer and fewer unicorns to wish on each year, people have turned to leprechauns, dragons, and even genies to have their dreams made real.

We should not ignore the problem of our diminishing unicorns. Nor should we fasten sugar cones to the heads of horses. This doesn't fool anyone. And it just aggravates the horse because it wants to eat the cone but can't because it's stuck on its head.

We must all do our part to bring back the magical candycane forests and whipped cream waterfalls that are the unicorn's natural habitat. Without unicorns to pee out sunshine and poop out rainbows, the world will be a very bleak place for our children and for wood fairies, water sprites and enchanted butterflies.


  1. The Last Unicorn


  1. The Last Unicorn